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Living in New York for three years, I’ve learned that there are many reasons to like it, but only one true reason it’s worth putting up with seven months of freezing weather, insane rent and rats. Restaurants. New York has so much diverse good food that the Statue of Liberty should’ve been a brick oven artichoke heart pizza. Good food is the one thing 8.623 million people agree on other than the Knicks suck. Dates...


Recently, Taiwan became the first Asian nation to pass gay marriage legislation. This is exciting, but sad for a lot of reasons, because it spotlights the taboo of LGBTQ in our communities. To say Asians are against LGBTQ is inaccurate; queerness in our communities is more like a fiction, a phase, a small deal that’s not real important like a pharmacy degree. Our apathy is worse than homophobia, it buries the very existence of gays...


ArticlesWhy Asian Pride Matters

May 4, 2019353513 min

Someone recently asked on Twitter, “I would like to ask everyone to please respond with how old you were when you first realized racism existed in this world [and] I would like white people to come back in a few hours and read the differences in the experiences.” I was about five or six when I learned about racism. It was my first day in kindergarten and up until that point, as an only child,...

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