Asian Articulations Self-Publishers Alliance

What We're About

We are a free, non-profit collective entity of self-published Asian diaspora writers who are tired of being rejected by publishing companies due to our work being too niche, too "Asian" or otherwise not understood enough by the lens of a non-Asian audience.

Why Self-Publishing?

The modern era of self-publishing has brought about a major counter-balance and challenger to the gatekeepers of traditional publishing. Every writer now has a chance if they're good at self-marketing, tech savviness and keeping their writing in top quality (i.e. hiring professional editors, cover designers, etc.). Self-publishing also grants writers total creative control of their work. Normally, when a publishing house accepts a book, they will dictate and change much of the writer's original vision. You are your own boss in self-publishing.

The Challenges of Self-Publishing and How We Can Fix It

The biggest challenge of self-publishing is finding an audience to support your work. The second biggest challenge is all the tech skills required to create a book. This is where Asian Articuations Self-Publishers Alliance can help. Through our ever-growing social media presence and a connection to the many Asian communities throughout Asian diaspora, all you have to do is write. You can have access to be a part of our speaking panels, get your novels promoted through our social media and newsletters, as well as access to a list of professional editors and graphic designers.

Do I Have to Pay?

We are a free, non-profit entity whose only goal is to give our author voices strength and relevance by being a strong, collective unit. The bigger we grow as a group and our presence in social media, the more attraction and power we have to get local, national and international attention. We are a movement. The only options you'll need to pay is if you need the services of an editor or a graphic designer and any traveling money you'll need to spend if you'd like to attend an out-of-town speaking panel.

Will I Make Money?

We encourage the spirit that writers write primarily for the love of writing and to find a meaningful audience who'll appreciate their work. This is the main focus for the goals of Asian Articuations Self-Publishers Alliance; to find writers their audience. Writing books is not designed to make a lot of money; industries like real estate and stocks are better designed for that purpose. Writers write to express and be understood. However, we certainly hope for any writer to hit the jackpot. There have been many financial self-publishing success stories in the industry, so it isn't impossible. Just understand that making a lot of money is not the primary goal of Asian Articuations Self-Publishers Alliance.

What Are My Requirements?

We require all writers to have their books professional edited either through a professional editor of their choice or from our list or editors. All writers also must have professional designed and constructed books both in e-book and print format. All writers are required to be responsible for setting up their own books for sale online and print-on-demand. Books can be in as many languages as the author wants, but one of those languages must be English. Our group is designed to aid those writers who need help in these areas. Please ask!

How Do I Join?

Please email to with the subject titled "Asian Articuations Self-Publishers Alliance Inquiry".

What is the current situation/timetable?

We are currently on the preliminary stages of gathering enough self-publishing authors (or aspiring writers who are interested in self-publishing). Once we have enough, we'll move to our next phase which is setting all their books to be ready for social media promotion and distribution. We will also set up speaking panels and other promotional ideas where writers of our group can get their books and profile known to the local Asian diaspora communities.

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