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Angela Nhi a.k.a. “Merk” Nguyen is a cisgender sis with a knack for puns that make Nyge want to quit his job. She’s living it up in Brooklyn, but she reps Seattle swag. Merk has a few things to #humblebrag about: making it onto NPR airwaves as a teen, speaking Vietnamese, and building an immunity to cats that she’s furry allergic to. She’s a WSU ‘18 alum and the next SpongeBob Squarepants. (No really, ask her about her voice acting dreams.)

Have you ever come across a meme that is so hilarious you get those deep belly laughs, you’re crying tears of laughter and sharing the heck out of it? Yeah, I feel you. And in the prime age of Twitter and Instagram, it’s hard not to stumble upon these comedy gems every once in a while. But let’s not forget about Facebook. There lies the home of a group that brings me so much joy: subtle...


A few months ago I made the classic young Millennial move of “graduating from college and leaving home for a big city”. And not just any city, New York City. The place I dreamed to one day live in, the concrete jungle that would make my every wish come true, the place I could be 100-percent me. I’m still telling my 22-year-old self that this fantasy is now my reality, but like any good fairytale, there’s a...

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