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Annie is a social media expert working full time in digital strategy in Southern California. While doing freelance journalism on the side, she also low-key aspires to be the next Christina Yang. As a millennial who is “extremely online,” she is always searching for the next viral meme, witty twitter quote or corny pun to use as an Instagram caption. She has a passion for politics, pop culture, pressed coffee and people who do the right thing. Inquiries and pictures of puppies can be sent to: anniehenryw@gmail.com or @annie_wu_22 on all socials.

Like millions of others around the U.S., on April 5, 2020, I put on a homemade mask and headed out to the grocery store to get some essential goods. This trip was just days after the governor called on all citizens of Pennsylvania to wear a face covering when leaving home. As I pulled in the parking lot and got out of my car, my stomach dropped with an unfamiliar feeling — fear. For most...

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