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Dan Kim is the author of Appa for Two, a blog where he discusses being in the armed forces, PTSD, fatherhood and life. He likes John Wayne movies, hates whiners and admires chefs. Check out his blog: https://appafortwo.wordpress.com

I saw this tweet from Louis Leung a week ago, and immediately thought of a half dozen Asians and Asian Americans whom I know have suffered silently for years, if not decades.  I was one of them, but no longer.  A friend finally convinced me that admitting I had a problem, like an alcoholic does at an AA meeting, was braver than trying to gut it out alone.  That seeking and finding professional help for mental health...


ArticlesWhere Are You From?

Dan KimSeptember 2, 201890611 min

If you’re Asian American, the chances are, you’ve heard this question more than once. You probably smiled, more to cover up your horror at the questioner’s ignorance than to put them at ease.  Or, if you’re like me, your eyes almost roll out of your head, because you know the questioner is expecting an answer different from, say, “Texas.”  Maybe the questioner is actually being sincere, and this does happen, albeit rarely.  I raised my...

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