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Julie Vang is a Hmong-American womxn from St. Paul, Minnesota with a mission in building collective power with community through the work of liberation, voice, agency, and healing. She enjoys connecting with others, being active, and having deep honest conversations.

My mom shook her shaman’s cymbal-like bells and began chanting while standing on top of her wooden bench. Nyob zoo, koj tuaj los. (Hello, welcome.) I greeted the guests at our door with a warm smile. The males entered in and walk straight to the main living space, shaking each of the other males’ hand in the room. While the females walked awkwardly into the kitchen, standing still asking what sort of work needs to...


You’re 3 years old. You attend your cousin’s extravagant wedding. You’re blown away with how beautiful everything is. Someday you’re going to have a wedding just like that. Possibly even marry a rich person and be an American. You don’t know if you want to be Hmong anymore. You’re 8 years old. You wear your cultural Hmong clothes to the Hmong New Year. This time you didn’t want to dress up, but you’re forced to...

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