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Little Miss Donuts is a Vietnamese American who loves writing and talking about many topics about and around the world. Through her blog, talkingwithdonuts.com, she wants to be able to engage with her readers in a way that makes them feel connected to her as if she is sitting right in front of them sharing a cup of tea, or perhaps a doughnut.

I am sure you guys all love food! I mean people say “you should not live to eat, but eat to live.” However, HyuneeEats might change your mind on that with the beautiful way she displays food to entice your appetite as well as your eyes! BELOW ARE 12 REASONS WHY I LOVE HYUNEEEATS AND WHY YOU ALL SHOULD CHECK HER OUT AND BECOME A HYUNEEBEE TOO (: <3   1) Noodles, poke, sushi, kimchi...


Since I am a Vietnamese American and have struggled with my identity as I have grown up, I thought it would be the best topic to start my blog with. What does it mean to be American? I am honestly curious how different people from different ethnic backgrounds answer that question with our common connection as American citizens. There was this Psychology teacher at my high school (who I never had) and he said something...

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