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A first-generation Vietnamese-American, Van B. Nguyen is a Texas native writer/director whose recent short films, SIGN and THANKSGIVING, are currently circulating festivals. Growing up on a steady diet of things she shouldn't have watched, she knew from an early age that storytelling was her jam. She has a feature spec, EXTRACTION, under option and active development. Most recently, her pilot CASUALTIES was selected to be among the top 20 of unproduced pilots by female writers for the WeForShe 2019 WriteHer List. While Van has spent the last several years building a career in production on set as an assistant director in Austin, her passion lies in writing and creating stories. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Those who know me, know I’m not one to open up and talk about my feelings easily. Sometimes, I hold in my thoughts and expressions for fear of being judged. I save those thoughts for people who’ve known me long enough. Sometimes, I have to put pen to paper (or rather, finger to keyboard) to express myself, so here it goes. The past few weeks have been rough. There has been some great stuff that’s...

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